Monogrammed Cookie Tutorial

Monogrammed cakes and cookies are one of the biggest cake trends for 2018, with brides and grooms opting for modern, glamorous cakes featuring their insignia. Award-winning artist Dora Luca shares a wonderful step-by-step tutorial to create some modern-monogrammed cookies of your very own. 



Baked sugar cookies 

Piping-consistency royal icing tinted ivory 

Flooding-consistency royal icing tinted ivory 

Piping bags 

Piping tips #1, #2, and #14 

Small paintbrush 

Gold luster dust 

Clear alcohol or lemon extract 


Parchment paper 



To Prepare: 

Bake sugar cookies and cool overnight. I used a decorative plaque (or frame) cutter to create the cookies. 

Mix one batch of ivory piping-consistency royal icing, and one batch of ivory run-out flooding-consistency royal icing. 


Step 1: Fill a piping bag, fitted with a #1 piping tip, with piping-consistency royal icing. Using the cookie shape as your guide, carefully pipe an outline around the perimeter of the cookie, leaving a small border around the edge. Create a small opening in the center of the cookie by piping an oval shape from one edge of the border to the other as shown. 

Next, flood the top area and then the bottom area, leaving the middle empty. Use a scribe tool to coax the icing into any gaps. 

Step 2: Using the piping-consistency icing, pipe some dropped lines in a trellis pattern in the open area of the cookie. Carefully apply pressure on the bag and pull up and out slightly. When the string is the desired length, carefully allow the string to drop and make contact with the opposite edge.  

Step 3: Continue the lines in the opposite direction until the middle area is filled as shown. Allow the cookie to dry fully. 

Step 4: Using a piece of parchment paper, drawn your italicized initials of the bride and groom as shown and carefully transfer to the top and bottom areas of the cookie. 

Step 5: Using the traced initial as a guide, pipe over the pencil marking using some piping-consistency royal icing, tinted gold. Allow to dry. 

Step 6: Highlight the initials by painting them using a gold paint made by mixing gold luster dust with clear alcohol or lemon extract. 

Step 7: Using a small closed star tip, pipe a scalloped rope border using piping-consistency royal icing. Allow to set a little. 

Step 8: Using the same piping tip, pipe a scroll border over the top of the scalloped rope border you just piped. Then, switching to a #1 tip, continue to pipe the drop lines, this time extending from the center border to the outside edge as shown. 

Step 9: Using the #2 tip, pipe another scroll border over the top of the scroll you piped earlier. 

Dora notes: This will hide where the drop lines meet the border. 

Step 10: Finish the edge of the cookie with some decorative royal-icing roses.  

Dora Luca

Dora Luca is an award-winning cake artist and sugar-art teacher based in Italy. Her specialism is royal icing, with over twelve years’ experience in the field. Her vocational training began in 2003 after taking an immersive trip to Germany where she studied under the tutorage of renowned teacher Geraldine Randlesome. From that moment on, Dora’s training in, and passion for, royal icing continued. She is the manager of Aristocraticakes – Cake Design by Dora Luca, where she teaches a number of cake-decorating workshops and classes. 

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