Wired Gingham Bow Tutorial

Wired Gingham Bow Tutorial

Our Cake Artist of the Month, Rebecca Scharman shares a sweet tutorial for an Easter-dress-inspired bow! This lovely looped bow would be the perfect accessory to a celebration cake. For a full tutorial of the cake, check out our March/April Let’s Party issue! Out Now!


White gum paste

Baby Blue gum paste

26-gauge white floral wire

wire cutters

edible glue

sharp knife

small rolling pin

Gingham mesh stencil

Pale-blue royal-icing



Prepare some pale-blue royal icing and set aside.

Roll some white gum paste to 1/12″ thickness and cut to the size of the stencil. Roll some blue gum paste as above and cut to the size of the stencil.

Adhere the white gum paste over the top of the blue and roll together to secure, trim the edges so that the gum paste is the size of the stencil.

Place the mesh stencil on the white gum paste and following the instructions, spread an even layer of the royal icing, scrape away the excess and then rotate the stencil and repeat.

Use a ruler and a sharp knife to cut strips from the gum paste. These will form the bow loops.

Rebecca notes: Remember to work quickly as the royal icing will dry quickly and may start to flake.

Place a 3″ piece of floral wire in the center end of a strip of fondant and then loop the fondant over on itself and secure using a little edible glue.

Trim the corners of the bow loop as shown.

Lay the bow loops on their side to dry into shape before assembling together using some floral tape.


Rebecca Scharman

Rebecca Scharman is an award-winning cake artist and owner of Ever After Cakes by Rebecca Scharman. A cake decorator since 2010, Rebecca loves to take inspiration from fashion to create unique cake creations.

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