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Valentine’s Macaron-Heart Cake Tutorial

Valentine's day is just a few weeks away! Macaron-adorned cakes are sooooo cute, and hugely trending. Learn to create adorable heart-shaped ones, and a sweet red-velvet cake with this easy tutorial and Macaron...

Make a Cake that Looks Like a Cocktail

Trip out your dinner guests this holiday season with a fantastic “faux food” cake that looks EXACTLY like a shrimp cocktail. This delicious vanilla cake features Decogel shrimp and a secretly sweet cocktail sauce. Your guests...

5 Easy Buttercream Textures using Everyday Tools

Texture adds a depth to cakes that other techniques cannot match. Whether it’s creating life-like grass for a child’s birthday cake, fuzzy fur on a teddy-bear cake, or fabric on a couture wedding cake,...

Ice-Cream Cone Cake Tutorial

Ice-Cream Cone Cake Tutorial

Venus Medler of Venus’s Cakes shares a super-easy tutorial for a fun and playful ice cream cone drip cake. This cake positively screams Happy Birthday; perfect for little kids and big kids...

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