American Cake Decorating Digital – March/April 2013


OUR FIRST EVER FASHION ISSUE! This issue has designs inspired by dresses, shoes, hats, purses and jewelry, along with tutorials on how to achieve some amazing fashion effects. Our editor Susan Schultz was lucky enough to have been in Paris earlier this year for a trade show where she scouted out some interesting finds for Work Station, our new product page. Check out Beatrice’s favorite take-aways from this year’s show on page 28 of this issue. This industry grows through sharing and we’re here to help facilitate each reader’s growth. Try something new and stretch your boundaries. Why not use an old-fashioned cocktail ingredient–one that’s currently being reinvented–in your next baking experiment? Or re-examine your approach to one of the common items in your pantry?

That’s one of the most lasting inspirations we can all take from the runway—fashion isn’t afraid to be daring, or attempt seemingly strange combinations—and that’s why every season can seem fresh, compelling and in some way irresistible.

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