• Liz Marek's Mother Goddess
    Liz Marek's Mother Goddess
  • Pistachio Pound Cake with Strawberries and Lavender Sugar
    Pistachio Pound Cake with Strawberries and Lavender Sugar
  • Autism Collaboration
    Autism Collaboration
  • Llama de Amour
    Llama de Amour
  • USNA's Earth Day Collaboration
    USNA's Earth Day Collaboration
  • Cake International Spring Show
    Cake International Spring Show

Choosing Tableware and Cake Stands For a Special Occasion

Choosing the right tableware and cake stands for a special occasion is one of the last finishing touches that you…
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Birthday cake with sparkler

I Love Lucy

Danielle Lechuga of Cup’N Cake sent us this fabulous 17.5-inch sculpted Lucille Ball cake. She said, “I have always been a…
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The Magic of the Force

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better way to kick off our new column, “The Story of a Cake,” than…
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Showcase Extra: Competition Cakes

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos of their competition cakes for our May/June issue showcase. Here are a few…
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Showcase Extra_HPS_5845

Puss in Boots and the Mancunian Adventure

Competition cakes are extremely impressive in their own right. But perhaps even more impressive is the effort expended to get them to…
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Karen Keaney_PussinBoots_HPS_5661