• Try some of these sheet cake options for your coconut fix.
  • Chocolate and caramel goodness...
  • Naughty or Nice? Find out the full story behind these masks…
  • Pucker Up!
    Pucker Up!
    A few of the best lipstick cakes we've spotting in recent months.
  • Garden Plot Cakes
    Garden Plot Cakes
    Get a jump on your spring planting with these flourishing cake designs.

A Rediscovered Passion, Part One

Before I’d ever had a taste, I thought passion fruit would be intensely, tropically sweet, like an overripe mango. When…
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Easter Cake Pop Round Up

Did you know that Saturday was national “Something on a Stick” Day? So clearly our Easter cake theme for the…
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The End of an Era

Two pop-culture events worth noting happened last week: Saturday was national “Something on a Stick” day, so I was planning…
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Crazy for Coconut, Part Five

The last batch of coconut recipes for the week is focused on cookies and bars.


Puppy Love

Earlier this week we posted a gallery of sculpted dog cakes, but sometimes you just want the cute…