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Queen Elizabeth Cake

When researching cakes for Queen Elizabeth II, I came across this bit of recipe folklore and thought it was worth…
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Cakes Fit For A Queen

Last week, in honor of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, we featured British royalty-inspired cupcakes. Today, we have layer…
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Cakes Fit For A Queen: Cupcake Edition

April 21 is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, although it is officially celebrated throughout the Commonwealth on the first,…
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Rachael Teufel’s Favorite Coconut Cake

Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings recently shared her favorite coconut cake recipe.


Tutorial: Isomalt Perfume Bottles by Lisa Berczal

The talented Lisa Berczal shared her technique for making isomalt glass bead jewelry and an authentically aged jewelry box to…
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