You Have to See This Gorgeous Sunflower Tutorial

Ahhh, Fall wedding season is in full swing, and for many cake decorators that means oodles of burlap, fondant fall leaves, and bright sunflowers. Mimi Ospina brings us a gorgeous tutorial for a gumpaste Sunflower. These sunny flowers will  have your clients “falling” in love.


  • 2.135” white stamen
  • black or brown edible pen
  • 18-gauge floral wire
  • 26-gauge floral wire (cut into 1.5” & 2.5” smaller pieces)
  • strainer
  • E-Xacto Knife
  • Brown Gum paste (golf ball size)
  • Yellow Gum paste
  • Foam pad
  • Ball tool
  • Medium & Large daisy cutter
  • Edible Glue
  • Fine Cornmeal mixed with yellow and light green petal dust
  • Corn Starch as needed
  • Deep Yellow, Orange, Brown Petal Dusts as needed

  1. Knead the brown gumpaste until smooth and roll into a tear drop. Insert a hooked 18-gauge wire dipped in edible glue.
  2. Press the gum paste tear drop down (without touching your wire) on a strainer, until it is flat like a patty. Set aside to dry.
  3. Next take the 2.135” white stamen, and using an edible back marker, color each end. Once complete dip the stamen into some edible glue and then into the prepared cornmeal mixture.Mimi notes: This will create a pollen effect. Repeat using all of your stamen and set aside to dry.
  4. Once your stamen are dry, cut them down to roughly ½”. Set aside.
  5. Tint some gum paste with a bright yellow and condition using a little shortening.Mimi notes: I used Artisan Accents Sunshine Yellow to achieve this golden yellow.

6. Dust your work space with cornstarch and roll out the gumpaste to less than 1/8-inch in thickness. If you have a pasta roller, roll it out to setting #4.

7. Cut out two Medium size, and two Large size daisies using a daisy cutter set. Use an E-Xacto knife to clean up the edges as needed.

Mimi notes: I prefer to cut them out at angles, it’s easier to separate the petals.

8. Cut out each petal individually and insert a floral wire into each petal. Place in a storage sleeve until ready to use. Starting with the smaller petals, place on a foam mat and using a ball tool, roll over the edges of the petal to thin the paste. Set aside to dry.

9. Take the dried floral center you created earlier. Dip the stamen into edible glue and then insert along the edge of your floral center. Try to create a staggered pattern as you add the stamen.

10. Next, take the small petals, and using the same process as we did with the stamen. Dip the end of the floral wire into edible glue and insert into the floral center, just behind the stamen.

11. Repeat the previous step but this time using the larger petals. Make sure to add the petals just behind the opening of the two smaller petals in front (filling in the gaps). At this point your flower is complete but if you would like a fuller sunflower you can add an additional row of large petals.

12. To add depth and dimension to the flower, dust the petals using a variety of yellow, orange and brown petal dusts. Add the color lightly and sparingly as you go.

Mimi Ospina

Mimi Ospina is owner of Whipped up by Mimi, a custom cake business in Virginia Beach. Mimi creates stunning one-of-a-kind creations for her clients. She also enjoys teaching and shares her skills with others via tutorials hosted on her website. Her work has been featured in many notable publications, including American Cake Decorating magazine.