Tutorial: Rustic Stucco Cake

Rebecca Landry shared this tutorial for creating a rustic stucco effect. It’s the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of painted cakes. 

Wilton gel colors
Lemon extract (vodka works too)
Wilton white color
Powdered sugar
Bench scraper
Wilton burlap impression roller

First, I mixed a bit of gel color with lemon extract to get the colors closer to the consistency of water. Then I added the white food coloring to turn the colors from transparent to opaque. The white color thickens up the mixture as well.

Once I had all the colors I liked, I added a bit of powdered sugar to each “paint” until it was a fairly thick paste. Thick enough to be held upside down on a spoon without it falling out.

Then I added the paste to random spots on my previously fondant covered cake. I actually used some older fondant I wanted to use up so my covering job was not flawless, but that’s what’s great about this technique.

Landry Tutorial_HPS_5980

Make sure you cover any messed up spots with the paste first and leave some of the more perfect spots showing.

Once I had it all about where I wanted it, I scraped around the whole cake with my bench scraper like I was smoothing out icing. You can go around as many times as you like, until the colors look the way you want them. You can leave more or less of the base fondant color showing for different effects.

Landry Tutorial2_HPS_5980

Then before it has time to dry, roll the wilton burlap roller over the whole cake in a couple different directions. It will lift random parts up and leave texture on other parts for a beautiful rustic stucco kind of look.

For this cake I added some flecks of the wilton white on my finished product.

Landry Tutorial3_HPS_5980

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