Tutorial: His Eggcellency

World-renowned sugar artist and cake maker to the Royals, Michael Lewis-Anderson, shares a sweet little pictorial for unicorn Easter eggs. These delightful eggs are perfectly on-trend with the current unicorn craze and a fun Easter project for little hands to help with.

Start with a good quality, tempered chocolate, and using an egg mold, create several halves of your Easter eggs and allow to set.

To make the nests

In a large, clean mixing bowl, combine praline, nuts and dried/candied fruit with some melted white chocolate (alternatively you could also use Rice Krispies). Mix to combine and then place little mounds of the mixture onto a clean baking sheet, lined with parchment. Make a small indentation to place the egg and allow to set before airbrushing green.

Create a 1/2 inch diameter rope from sugar paste (fondant of your choice) and taper the ends to a point.

Fold the rope over on itself and then twist together to create the unicorn horn and cut off the excess. The size of the horn you create will depend on the size of the eggs you make. Michael notes, “My finished horns are around 3 inches in length.”


Using sugar paste, craft two ears for each egg and allow to set-up.

Take two halves of a chocolate egg and fill one half with the candy of your choice. Attach the two halves together by piping a thin line of melted chocolate and pressing firmly. You can airbrush the chocolate shells any color you like. If you wish to recolor your chocolate, make sure you use an appropriate oil-based food color.


Attach the eggs to the chocolate mound prepared earlier using a little melted white chocolate, you can use a cold spray to set the chocolate quickly and hold the egg in place.

Attach the unicorn horn to the top of the egg with a little melted white chocolate and allow to set.





In a small, clean bowl; mix a little gold dust with a small amount of alcohol or clear lemon extract to make an edible gold paint. Michael notes, “I like to use Rolkem Supers Gold, as I find it has the most beautiful finish and the scent is pleasant.”





Using the prepared gold paint and a small paintbrush; paint the horn, and then the ears before attaching the ears to the egg, Finally paint a little of the gold paint onto the green mound to highlight the texture.






Create a variety of ribbon roses from a range of brightly colored sugar paste. Using the same colored paste, create some mane pieces to adhere to the eggs. Michael notes, “I used a rainbow of colors, created using the Rolkem Neons range, to really amp up the wow factor– the colors are so bright and saturated.” Attach the flowers and the mane pieces to the eggs using a little melted white chocolate or a little royal icing.


To finish the eggs, pipe on some closed eyes and eyelashes with a little black royal icing, and airbrush a little pink-blush on the cheeks. You can serve the eggs individually or as part of a grander display.


The very talented Michael Lewis- Anderson with his towering, festive creation. What a fabulous display of Easter eggs!


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