Tutorial: Fabulous Fabric Flowers

Jessica MV of Floral Cakes by Jessica MV shares her incredible step-by-step tutorial for creating her signature fabric look flowers. World-renowned for her eclectic style and unusual textures. Jessica demonstrates how to create a realistic fabric flower- we can all agree the results are stunning.



  • Gum paste tinted with 2 parts Royal blue & 1 part super black,
  • 20 gauge wire with 1 end bent to create a big hook
  • a styrofoam ball
  • shortening
  • Edible blue petal dust and gold highlighter
  • lemon extract
  • paint brush for application
  • small rolling pin
  • pair of scissors

13653170_599147616925455_4765428658059372093_o 13920026_599147843592099_3131456067747232763_o

Prepare your bud by inserting a hooked 20 gauge wire through a small 1 inch foam ball.

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Roll out a piece of gum paste with a rolling pin, then let it run through a pasta roller or attachment of the Kitchen Aid on a Number 2 setting to achieve the desired thickness. Using the rolling pin, gentle fray the edges and then brush lightly with some gold highlighter to create an aged look.

13661944_599148240258726_3214820517799656630_o 13909397_599148293592054_8784835739849532470_o


Using a pair of clean kitchen scissors, snip the fondant to create a fringe. Then brush on a small amount of edible glue or pasteurized egg white and lowly adhere to the styrofoam ball, working from the top down.

13908971_599148166925400_3083771913680050289_o 13667951_599148453592038_6074151921341821518_o

Once the ball is full covered, mix a little gold and toffee colored highlighter with some lemon extract and brush over the frayed edges of the fondant.

13937811_599147993592084_2049263956270448450_o 13923567_599148543592029_8057281941985116801_o

Roll out a second piece of fondant, fraying the edge and aging with the gold dust and then wrap this around the perimeter of your flower center – make sure to scrunch your fondant a little as you go to create a natural ruffled effect.

13652911_599148436925373_5203608937246663088_o 13925480_599148643592019_360532816675647438_o

Add a second and then a third layer by repeating the above steps – again, take care to add movement to your fondant by folding and scrunching.

13920100_599148706925346_4997076411167092358_o 13913653_599148826925334_5737080171613816490_o

Make sure you allow your layers to firm up a little before adding too many- this will prevent the fondant from drooping. This finished flower has 4 layers.

13653463_599148893591994_3013386169058657641_o 13920225_599148936925323_8337802346418802185_o

When the flower is firm to the touch- dust the petals with a deep blue petal dust. I have used Wisteria petal dust by Squires Kitchen.


The finished flower- I hope you enjoyed this easy technique!

Jessica MV with her finished design

Jessica MV with her finished design

About the Author

Jessica MV is owner of Floral Cakes by Jessica MV. A world renowned sugar-art teacher, Jessica is in demand for her unusual, textural techniques. For more information about Jessica and her tutorials and her upcoming classes visit her facebook page.


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