Tutorial: Cute Father’s Day Cookies

Cookie Artist extraordinaire, Mallory Mae shares the cutest tutorial EVER for an adorable Father’s Day cookie. This delightful, royal -iced cookie featuring a mischievous little boy would be the perfect sweet treat for Dad!

1. Create drawing and use as a stencil for your dough. Cut around the stencil and bake the cookie. Cool fully, and then draw the chosen design onto your cookie using edible markers. (I prefer Wilton FoodWriters).

2. Using flooding consistency icing, fill the paper (with white), sneakers (with red), and hair (with orange). Let dry. Paint the open mouth segment of the drawing with black food gel color and a fine tipped paint brush.

3. Using a flooding conistency icing, fill the flesh areas with a skin tone icing. With a pale blue icing, fill the area behind the glasses. Using white icing, fill the teeth, and the knot of the shoelaces.

4. Using food color gel, and a fine tipped paint brush, paint a message and a child’s drawing in paper segment of design. (Or, let your little boy or girl paint the message for dad!)

5: Paint small strokes of orange and brown into the boy’s hair for detail.

6. Pipe on glasses over the blue segment of design. Pipe on remaining shoelaces. Let dry and outline. Lastly, fill in the nose and give eyes.


Mallory Mae Raglan is owner of butterwinks, an international cookie instructor, cookie artist, and Craftsy teacher based in Richmond, Virginia.