Too Beautiful for Earth Collaboration

Cake artists collaborate for many different reasons, sometimes it’s to explore an exciting theme, or to enjoy one another’s company; and then there are a few very special collaborations that draw our attention to sometimes painful subjects in the hope of bringing much needed awareness to those causes. The too Beautiful for Earth collaboration is just that, this stunning collection of cakes raises awareness of infant loss, stillbirth and miscarriage. A touching and difficult subject that affects so many women, globally, everyday. Bobbie-Anne Wright of For Heaven’s Cake organized the collaboration, and with her blessing, we share some of our favorite pieces from the group.

Too Beautiful For Earth is a collaboration of 26 cake artists from all over the world, who have come together to honor and remember babies born sleeping, or who died in the early stages of life, and those lost to miscarriage.

Bobbie says, “Our group have all either experienced personal losses or are connected to the cause through someone they are close to. The love, respect and empathy shared amongst us has been very real.”

To see all of the amazing and emotional pieces created for this touching collaboration please head on over to the Facebook page and show your support:…/.

Sleeping baby cookie by Callicious Cakes

Sleeping baby cookie by Callicious Cakes

Calli Hopper of Callicious cakes created this beautiful painted cookie, Calli explains, “Even though I have not personally experienced the tragic loss of a baby, I have experienced 1st hand what someone close to me went through, along with the grief and raw pain that was experienced with their loss. So I dedicate this to them.” Calli hand painted the cookie using cocoa butter and edible colors. The cookie itself is a giant shortbread 6″ X 6″ that’s been flood iced. Calli notes, “I was inspired by a photograph taken by the amazing Anne Geddes, well known for her baby photography.”


Cake by Violet Lin Tran of the Violet Cake Shop

Violet Lin Tran of The Violet Cake Shop created this beautiful tribute that incorporated her signature style and color aesthetic. Violet says, “My piece is based on a personal loss at almost 20 weeks, back in 2007. Some of the elements I included are personal to our story but they all celebrate and honour the son my husband and I lost, but have never forgotten. Sweet little flower of heavenly birth, you were too fair to bloom on earth.”

Mother holding her baby by Sweetlin

Mother holding her baby by Sweetlin

Linasari Sunyoto of Sweetlin created a beautiful sculpted mother holding an isomalt baby, “My inspiration was from Martin Hudáček of Slovakia’s statue, but I wanted to make it my way, and in my own design. It represents a mother who misses her baby angel. I used isomalt to make the baby and then I hand sculpted the mother. Thank you Bobbie- Anne Wright for including me in this beautiful collaboration.”

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet cake by Elizabeth Lander of Time for Tiffin

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet cake by Elizabeth Lander of Time for Tiffin

Known for her signature hand-painted cakes, Elizabeth Lander of Time for Tiffin created this simple and elegant Winnie the Pooh cake. Elizabeth says, “I chose my piece based around the message, as soon as i read it i knew it was perfect and said everything i wanted to.”

Born-Sleeping by Sugarpatch Cakes

Born-Sleeping by Sugarpatch Cakes

Cheryl Moseley of Sugarpatch Cakes created this poignant tribute to her cousin who lost twin baby boys.

Cookie by Bobbie-Anne Wright

Sugar piece by Bobbie Anne Wright

Bobbie explains the inspiration behind her art piece, “this is dedicated with love to the little niece/nephew I never got to snuggle in my arms. 5 years ago I witnessed the absolute heartbreak of my sisters miscarriage. The total devastation of a loss out of her control was unbearable to see. No words could fix her broken heart no action could bring back what had been taken away. She was suffering the loneliest loss a parent could. I needed my piece to portray just this, the helplessness and out of control I had seen.”

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