Tidbits: Father’s Day Cake Topper

This incredible tutorial is brought to you by Renshaw Ambassador, Berna Garcia. Berna of Ilusiona cakes has created a wonderful step-by-step tutorial for this adorable cake topper. “San”, as Berna affectionately calls him, would be the perfect topper for a Father’s Day cake.


– White sugar paste (Renshaw Extra) 300 g

– Black sugar paste (Renshaw Extra) 50 g

– Modeling paste (Renshaw) 100 g

– Progel color skin (Rainbow Dust Color)

– Tools for modeling: sphere, Dresden.

– Cutter

– Roller

– Glue Brush

– Glue

Step 1

Mix 80% of modeling paste with 20% of Extra sugar paste, both from Renshaw. Color the paste with the Cream color of the RainbowDust Progel range. Divide into two spheres as the picture indicates. The small ball will be the nose and ears. Create an egg shape with the big ball. Slightly flatten with finger index the top.

Step 2

With the tool Dresden (universal) mark the form of a “U” to create the big chin. Next, Press around the “U” indentation to create volume. At the top draw a line to indicate the eyes.

Step 3

Using the sphere tool, press the tool firmly into the face to create the eyes. Take a small piece of the paste to create the nose, creating a triangular shape as shown. Apply some edible glue to the face to attach and secure the nose.

Step 4

With the tip of the Dresden tool, draw an arch to form the mouth. Remove the excess paste and insert a very small amount of black paste to create depth. Using a tiny amount of white paste, make two cylinders for the teeth.

Step 5

Using the skin-tone paste, form a very small rope shape with tapered ends, this will form the lower lip.

Using black paste, create a small, rectangular log shape for the mustache. Attach the mustache just under the nose with very little glue. Repeat this process to create the eyebrows, but ensure the create the eyebrows proportional to the face. To create the eyes, fill the two holes with a tiny amount of white paste. Using a fine-tip brush, paint two black circles.

Step 6

Take a small piece of black paste and roll into a rectangular shape. Add as shown to create the hair. To form the ears, take a very small rope of flesh-toned fondant and roll into a coil as shown. Attach to the side of the face, level with the eyes. To create the arms, take a ball of flesh-toned paste and roll into an elongated shape, cut the end as shown. Repeat to create a second arm.

Step 7

The torso of San is created by forming a half sphere with sugar paste, which was then covered with grey sugar paste. To add the details to the shirt, use the Dresden tool to create the shirt opening, buttons, and the pocket.  Place both arms on each side of the torso and then create the sleeves as shown in the photo.


To add a little detail to the shirt, dust the creases and the pocket with a little grey dust. This will add some dimension to the figurine.

Berna Garcia is an award-winning sugar artist and owner of Illusiona Cakes. She is a Renshaw Brand Ambassador and international sugar artist.

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