The Ten Most Talked About Cakes of 2018

It’s every cake artists dream to create a beautiful cake and then have that cake go VIRAL! But, these days between Facebook algorithms, reach problems, and the social media no man’s land that has become every cake decorator’s online business page, it’s tougher and tougher to create an impact online. These 10 cakes have defied the odds, to become the most liked, shared, and talked about cakes of 2018, as shared by American Cake Decorating!

10: Mer-mazing! Still one of the biggest trends ever is this mermaid cake by Mutlu Dükkan. This cake is perfect for a little girls birthday party, from the soft wave-like ruffles, to the gorgeous mermaid topper, and the moody purple color palette; this cake is sheer perfection! With over 9,000 likes, shares, and comments, and impressions over 150,000, this is one popular mermaid cake!

9: Taking the ninth position in our line-up is this gorgeous Patisserie-themed cake by cake artist Angela Penta. Our followers went wild for this elegant tea-cup-adorned design featuring sugar blackberries, lace, and romantic roses. The cake wracked up over 9,500 likes, shares, and comments and amassed impressions in excess of 156,000! Way to go Angela!

8: In Eighth position is this adorable Power Puff Girls cake by the very talented Little Cherry Cake Company! This cake is absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom, we LOVE the attention to detail and the on-trend pastel rainbow color scheme! No wonder this was a huge hit with over 10,000 likes, comments, and shares and impressions in excess of 170,000!

7: This bold and beautiful wedding cake by Nine Cakes clocks in at number seven. The deep and dusky blue hue of this cake is what really makes it stand out from the crowd! The cascading sugar flowers add a romantic touch and make this cake perfect for a fall or winter wedding. With over 12,367 likes, comments, and shares and impressions over 190,000, it’s clear our followers LOVED it too!

6: Taking us “UP” to sixth place is this adorable design by Spring Bloom Cakes! This two-tiered design showcases the popular movie of the same name perfectly! We especially love the bas-relief details on the front of the cake.  Over 13,000 people liked, commented, and shared this cake and it generated over 195,000 impressions on our Instagram page! Wowza!!!

5: Lama Drama! Natasha Rice Cakes NAILED the Lama trend with this cute two-tier design. This cake is the perfect blend of cute and sophisticated!! It seems, our followers agreed, with over 13,900 comments, likes, and shares and impressions over 200,000!!

4: Just missing out on a top three placement is this impressive Jurassic Park design by Chef Rick Zavala! The attention to detail on this cake is out of this world! It thrilled our followers with over 15,000 likes, comments, and shares and impressions in excess of a quarter of a million! Yep, over 250,000 cake lovers!!

3: The fairest of them all? This Snow White cake with buttercream rosettes, quilted fondant and a poison apple cake topper is a showstopper indeed! Simple in design but mighty in presence, over 18,000 comments, likes and shares, and an impressive 260,000 impressions make this our third most talked about cake of the year!

2: JUST missing out on the top spot this year was one dog-gone design! A collaboration between cake artists Carol Smith of Cakes by Carol and Sharon Perrins  of Cakes by Sharon had us all gasping when they unveiled this canine cake at Cake International this year. Going instantly VIRAL the cake has earned its place as one of the most talked about cakes of 2018! Discussing the cake Carol said, ” when I mentioned to Sharon last year at CI (Cake International) that I wasn’t going to enter the Wedding category again she said ‘shall we do a collaboration piece instead, me doing the wedding cake and Sharon doing the dog.’ It was Sharon’s idea to have the dog standing in front of the cake having eaten some of it. Sharon made the dog at her home in Shropshire, and I made the wedding cake at mine in Peterborough. We messaged each other many times sending pictures discussing the dimensions so it looked right etc. I even did color tests to see which color for the wedding cake looked best with the dog. The whole piece got put together on the Friday morning of CI, I’d made extra ruffles and kept some of the cut out cake so that we could put it under the dog on the floor and some around his mouth.” On the ACD page alone the cake wracked up over 30,000 comments, likes, and shares and impressions in excess of half a million! Of course, that pales in comparison to the millions of people who loved this cake all over social media!

1: Taking the top spot was a cake that divided an industry of cake decorators. People were mesmerized by this gorgeous tiered mirror glaze cake, but others were a little put off by the use of the glitter. Whatever your thoughts and feelings, there’s no doubt that this was one seriously talked about creation. This stunning design by pastry chef Zlatka Otavova went VIRAL! With thousands of comments and likes and millions of impressions. On the American Cake Decorating Instagram account alone it amassed a truly impressive 45,000 likes, comments, and shares and over 1.5 million impressions! To truly appreciate this cake, you have to check out the video!

Congratulations to the finalists! Will your cake be one of next year’s most talked about designs?


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