Sugar Art for Autism

Sugar Art For Autism is a cake collaboration of nearly 100 sugar artists from 21 countries who have come together to raise awareness for autism. Beyond creating beautiful cakes, the group seeks to bring awareness and gather funds for two worthy groups- the National Autism Association and the Global Autism Project.

“Through our endeavors, we hope to shatter misconceptions and bring awareness to Autism. Perhaps you too will be motivated to make a difference. Now would be the perfect time to help out these charities whose hard work and never-ending efforts often go unnoticed,” the group stated.

Launched just last week, you may have already seen some of their work online. Each cake is paired with a piece of artwork by an artist on the autism spectrum. We gathered images of a few of our favorites below, but there are SO many works to look at… do check out the full gallery here.

Gulnaz Mitchell, inspired by Trent Altman

Gulnaz Mitchell_Autism Collab

Gulnaz Inspiration_Autism Collab

Bellaria Cake Design, inspired by Marcy Deutch

Bellaria Cake Design

Bellaria Inspiration

Alma Pasteles, inspired by a drawing made by two-year-old Vinnie Macris

Alma Pasteles_Autism


Slice of Sweet Art, inspired by four-year-old Joseph Kalaj

Slice of Sweet Art_Autism


Joseph Kalaj_autism


Joseph Kalaj

Slice of Sweet Art, inspired by M. Shortt

Slice of Sweet Art_Autism 2


M Shortt

Tanya Halas, inspired by Trent Altman

Tanya Halas_Autism

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