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Our amazing ALL THAT GLITTERS issue is out now; jam-packed with agate, geode, and gemstone inspired designs. In celebration of our glittering issue, we’ve teamed up with Simi Isomalt to bring you an amazing giveaway AND an incredible tutorial. Zawadi Parizek of Hey Emma shares her sensation design, which was created with Simi Isomalt and features a stunning agate topper. For a full tutorial, check out the Simi video. To enter our Simi Isomalt giveaway, head on over to our Giveaway page.

“How does one create something unique and relevant building on a Trend that was introduced to us by the talented Viki Kane of Just a Little Dessert Co and Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icing Cake Design. The Jan issue of ACD, All That Glitters tackles that exact task with organic and stunning beauty from fearless artists around the Globe. I found that the trick was to not become intimidated by the Trend but to be inspired by it. To go back to what the original design goals were. For this theme it has always been about the natural formations; gems, stones, and crystals our Earth has given us for inspiration and finding ways to make them edible.

As artists, we’re kinda crazy like that.

Once I got to this point the ideas started to flow and my excitement to show how I see these beauties of nature overshadowed any pressure I had put on myself to produce an, “on Trend” piece. I started with a black canvas to represent the depth at which these gems often form, I added succulents for nourishment of the surrounding soil from which gems grow. The silver leaf for the heavy metals and minerals which make up their composition all moving from the small beginnings at the bottom to bursting into the light at the top.

Thank you to Simi Cakes & Confections for supplying isomalt for my crystal cascades and the gorgeous transfer sheets that show the rings of time that have aged the agate toppers.

I know it’s a simple piece but I’m super proud of this creation because it’s really the first time I was able to truly find my own meaning and design for a piece without using a direct inspiration, it is my interpretation of a very successful Trend.

I hope my insight on this journey will help others not be as intimidated as I was to create a “Trend” piece but to create a personal piece based on a Trend.

I can not speak highly enough of the group of artist assembled by Rebekah for this issue of ACD. To see each glittered and gemstone creation gets your subscription and be inspired.”


A big thanks to Zawadi Parizek for creating this stunning cake design and to our sponsor, Simi Cakes and Confections!

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