Signature Food Boards

It’s time your business name is front and center

Sure, you might use branded boxes, bags and stickers to advertise your name with the hope that people other than your customer see your name. But where do these end up? Usually in the kitchen trash can as your cake is placed on main display for family and guests.

Wouldn’t you want your logo seen by the guests at the exact moment they are enjoying your product?

We call it “point of consumption advertising.” It’s not a new idea, almost every coffee shop uses it on their cups and all fast food chains use it on their hand-held product packaging. Why wouldn’t you use it on your cake boards? Signature Food Boards provide that opportunity with customized printing at low minimum order requirements. Whether with our elegant floral border design where you can add in your logo or with a full custom design, you now have the ability to advertise where it counts the most…at the point of consumption!

Targeted advertising value at 1 cent per impression

  • On average, our printed boards are only 11.5 cents per unit higher than a solid white-coated cake board. When you look at the average slices per 10″ round cake, that comes to less than one penny per slice.
  • Considering that every slice could potentially reach a new prospective customer, our case of 200 printed round cake boards could be viewed by 2,400+ people.
  • Calculate how much incremental revenue you could earn if 5% sees your name and shops your business. 10% or more?

There’s more to Signature Food Boards than just a pretty face.

While elegant, our boards are also designed to be stronger and higher performing than the average cake boards:

  • 100% greaseproof coating provides a better presentation to customers
  • Smudge proof and easy-to-clean surface makes it simple to correct any decorating mistakes
  • Superior lamination prevents moisture absorption keeping your products fresher, longer
  • Extra sturdy construction can be produced in single and double thicknesses
  • Freezer safe for stored products
  • A printed upscale look eliminates the expense for doilies
  • Made in the USA allows for faster production and delivery
  • AIB certification means that our cake boards are food safe

Order your trial samples and see for yourself.

Using is believing. Nothing we say can fully describe the experience of trying Signature Food Boards. Click this link and order our free sample kit today. When you feel the difference and see how they perform, you’ll know why they are the best on the market.


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