Delirious for Doughnuts

Step aside cupcakes. Doughnuts are having a moment…and it shows no sign of stopping. One of the hottest trends in baked goods for several years running, doughnuts are that perfect blend of indulgent and wholesome. They’re familiar, but can be made exotic (no flavor combination is too wild!). Rich, but miniature in size, so the guilt factor is minimal. What’s not to love?

Lucky for us all there’s an ordained doughnut day on the horizon… the first friday of June is decreed National Doughnut Day. And there are more bakeries specializing in these delicious treats than ever before.

Here’s a great list of the 33 best doughnuts shops around the country. Number one on the list is in ACD’s neck of the woods and we can definitely vouch for the deliciousness!

So what’s next? The doughnut ice cream cone?? (crazy, but true… you heard it here first)


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