Create A Spooktacular Cake!

Create A Spooktacular Cake!

Looking for fun Halloween cake ideas? Then look no further…cake artist Cristina Cinquino shares a spooktacular tutorial for a super-cute Frankenstein cake. This creepy cake would be perfect for a Halloween party, may be served with a bowl of ice-cream!


Satin Ice fondant in Bright Green, White, Black, Pink

Small rolling pin

3 circle cutters

1 small oval cutter

Straws in various sizes

Optional: scalpel/small knife & pallet knife

Step 1: Cover cake in light or lime green fondant or buttercream. I used Satin Ice Bright Green for this cake. Let buttercream chill until firm or fondant sets.

Cristina notes: I suggest a cake that is about as tall as it is wide or taller in height than the width of the cake to achieve the elongated look for Frank’s head. (Cake tiers can typically be stacked to 6 inches without the need for internal support.)

Step 2a & 2b: Measure cake diameter and measure down the sides of cake about 1/5 of the way. This cake was 6 inches in diameter, and I estimated to add about another inch in order to roll out the black fondant to the correct size for the hair on top.

Step 3: Roll out black fondant enough to cover the diameter of the cake plus 1/5 down the sides. It is ok to roll to an irregular shape.

Step 4a & 4b: Cut around the edge of the rolled out black fondant in irregular jagged edges in varying tiny points as if the tops of a triangle. No need to be precise; some should be longer and some shorter and closer together.

Step 5a: Coat cake with a light spritz of water or coat lightly with shortening (I prefer shortening.) Attach black fondant to the top of the cake.

5b Optional: quick tip – give a light pinch with index finger and thumb to create a sharp edge around the top of the cake.

Step 6a & 6b: Use circle cutters to cut eyes. Choose an over-sized cutter so that they eyes appear extra large. You will need 3 circle cutters in graduating size – one for the white, iris, and pupil. I also used a straw to cut a tiny circle to look like the gleam in the eye.

Step 7a: Wash your hands! Time to roll out white fondant and you don’t want it getting colored from the black fondant. Might want to give the work surface a wipe too.

7b: Use the largest circle cutter, the 3rd size, and the straw to cut the white portions of the eye.

Step 8: Attached largest white circle to the front of the cake, just above center, using shortening or a tiny bit of water.

Step 9: roll a small bit of black fondant and cut with the 2nd largest circle cutter. Attach the black circles to cake centered on the larger white circles that have already been applied.

Step 10: Using a bit of shortening or light dab of water, attached the 2 smallest circles to the black portion of the eye. Be sure the tiniest circles used for each eye is in a symmetrical direction on each eye…both to point up or down on left or right side. Both in the same position so eye appear to be looking in the same direction.

Step 11a: Roll a small bit of black fondant. Cut a 2 very narrow strip of black fondant about 2 inches long.

Step 11b- cut several tiny rectangles of the back fondant about ½ an inch by ¼.

Step 12: Attach the longer strip of black fondant to the cheek then apply the rectangles across it so that it appears to be scar and stitches.

Cristina notes: Repeat the process for another scar over the eye or wherever else you wish to put a scar.

Step 13a: Use a small oval cutter to cut the nose from rolled black fondant.

Step 13b: Using a large straw squeeze it to an oval shape and use that to cut away a portion from the tiny black oval you cut from the nose.

Step 14: Using a pallet knife or another object as not to distort the shape, place the nose off-center below the eyes.

Step 15a: Roll a small thin line (about 1.5 inch on this cake) of black fondant to that both ends tapper off.

Step 15b: Attach small line of fondant under the nose at an angle for the mouth.

Step 16a: Roll out a small pink bit of fondant about 1/8 of an inch thick. Using the smallest circle cutter you used for the eye, cut 2 circles of pink fondant.

Step 16b: attach the small pink circle below the eyes as a rosy cheek.

Step 16c: repeat for another rosy cheek.

Step 17: Sit back and marvel at your wonderful work!

Cristina Cinquino

Cristina Cinquino is a Philadelphia-based home baker that has been caking for two years. She started, as many cakers do, making cakes for her own children’s birthdays. Soon friends started requesting cakes and, as her family could not eat any more cake,  she was happy to oblige. After leaving a career in event planning to be a stay at home mom, Cristina welcomed this creative outlet, and the structure of planning and executing complex cake designs. Cristina continues to grow as a designer, finding enjoyment in experimenting with new techniques and coming up with unique cake ideas inspired by art, architecture, fashion, and historical periods.


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