Cover Closeup: Rose Atwater

We had SO many lovely cakes to choose from, but Rose Atwater’s ethereal red creation was the hands-down favorite for the cover of our March/April issue.  Take a closer look at the details and read about what inspired Rose to create this whimsical wafer paper design.

“I’ve always had a thing for a pretty red dress.  When researching for a design,  I didn’t focus on any particular dress for inspiration but rather looked at dozens (if not hundreds) of beautiful & unique dresses.  There were two elements that seemed to draw my attention over and over again… ruffles and flowers.”

Rose Atwater_Flower Closeup_HPS_5452

“I knew I wanted to use those elements but not in a traditional fashion.   I started by choosing wafer paper as my primary medium and airbrushing half of my wafer paper bright red.  I didn’t want any straight lines so I began tearing my paper into random pieces and layering them onto the cake.  I made two ‘flowers’ by using small styrofoam balls, then layering piece after piece of torn red wafer paper over itself until it was covered, then I allowed some to only be partially attached and folding out to give the the look of petals.”

Rose Atwater_Wafe Paper Closeup_HPS_5452

“I used a similar technique for the ruffles on the sides and the topper… tearing off pieces of wafer paper, then pinching it on one side to get a rough, ruffled effect.”

Rose Atwater_Bouquet_HPS_5452

“Keeping with the look and to add a ‘hat’ to my dress – I used small gauge wire randomly on top of the cake.  I added little ruffles to each one and for the last, I completely covered the wire with ruffles and attached one of my flowers to the end.  I really wanted my cake to represent modern fashion by being very organic and edgy!”

Rose Atwater_Full Cake_HPS_5452

More About Rose
Rose Atwater is the owner and artist at, where she shares beautiful cakes, cake decorating tutorialsRose Atwater_Headshot_HPS_5452, tips, recipes, sweet deals and inspiration!  She has been married to her college sweetheart for almost 20 years and is a homeschooling mommy to six kiddos ages 4 to 18.  When she isn’t chasing, transporting or feeding her family, she loves to take pictures (of things besides cakes), read a good book, and laugh till it hurts. She also blogs at


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