Christmas Doll Cake Topper Tutorial

Christmas is just a few weeks away and bakers across the country are fit to burst with delicious seasonal pastries, cakes and desserts. Add a little Christmas sparkle to your holiday cake with this wonderful Christmas Caroler Figurine. Award-winning cake artist, Veronica Seta shares the steps to create this wonderful Christmas doll cake topper; with just a few components you can create this beautiful figurine with ease.

  • Dusting colors black, white, pearl white, navy, pink, ruby, gold and foliage green
  • Gel color chestnut.
  • 300g Modelling Paste
  • 100 g red modeling paste
  •  100g Gum Paste
  • Holly confetti
  • Edible glue
  • A round dummy 10 cm height 5 cm.
  • CelPad
  • Paint Brushes
  • Silicone brush
  • Dresden tool
  • Shell tool
  • Cutter tool
  • Rolling pin
  • Non-slip mat
  • Molds
  • Picks
  • Wire texturing brush.
  • 26 gauge floral wire
1) Roll out red modeling paste very thin and cover the 10 cm dummy.
2) Insert a small amount of modeling paste in a small roses garland mold. Cut off the paste in excess and obtain several small stripes. If you meet any difficulty in taking the paste out of the mold, just leave it in a freezer for some minutes.
3 With a bit of edible glue, stick the small floral garlands prepared in step 2 around the base of the 10 cm dummy.
4 Color some modeling paste with a very bit of chestnut. Cut two small cylinders for the legs giving shape to the feet and knees. Insert one pick in each leg and fix them on the 10 cm dummy.

5 Cut a bigger cylinder, shape the girl’s trunk and fix it to the legs. Smooth the junctions with your fingers first and then with the dresden tool.

6 Take some modeling paste colored chestnut and shape a ball with no cracks. Start to make a dent with your little finger in the middle of the ball. Push the sides of the head in line with this dent to model the forehead and the temples. With the two forefingers dig the eyes sockets. A little bit under and between the eyes press the dresden tool to push the nose in at the sides and up at the bottom. Cut a smile line for the mouth and lift the upper lip up with the knife. Push in underneath to open the mouth and define the lower lip. Let the head dry before fixing to the trunk.

Processed with Snapseed.

7 Insert a stick in the center of the eyes sockets enlarging the hole.
8 With a bit of edible glue, stick a drop shaped amount of white gum paste around the doll’s waist and legs. Define the skirt with the dresden tool.

9 Cut a small stripe of white modeling paste. Roll it very thin and on a celpad flatten one of the edges with a  ball tool to frill it. Shape several ruches.
10 Stick the ruched fondant at the base of the skirt.
11 Cut a small cylinder of modeling paste and texturize it with the wire brush.
12 Insert a small amount of modeling paste in a Christmas wreath mold. Cut off the paste in excess. If you meet any difficulty in taking the paste out of the mold, just leave it in a freezer for some minutes.
13 Roll a bit of red modeling paste very thin. Cut 2 trapezoids and with the back of a big piping tip cut the neckline. With a bit of edible glue stick the trapezoids around the girl’s chest to obtain a shirt. Stick the fur prepared in step 11 around the neck and through the front of the shirt.
14 Twist small amounts of black modeling paste to get the doll’s hair.

15) Mold smaller cylinders of red modeling paste for the arms and create an indentation on one end with the ball tool. Add the textured fondant made earlier (the fur) to the edge.

16 Mold two small balls of white modeling paste, shape loosely into a small hand shape and with a cutter tool define the gloves.
17 Cut two very small balls of white modeling paste and insert them in eyes’ holes. Smooth with a silicone brush and very gently paint the details of the eyes using navy and white dusting color diluted in a bit of alcohol. Paint the pupils black, then add some white spots around the pupil. Paint the eyebrows black and the lips pink. Blush the cheeks.
18  Stick the black hair prepared in step 14 on the doll’s head and with a small amount of red modeling paste, mold a hat. Stick the fur prepared in step 11 around the base of the hat and stick the Holly confetti on it.
19 Dilute foliage green, ruby and gold dusting colors with some drops of alcohol and paint the details of the Christmas wreath prepared in step 12. When completely dried, brush a bit of white pearl dusting color on it. Stick the gloves to the arms and then to the trunk using 26 gauge floral wire to support them. Let them dry 24 hours in place before adding the wreath.
The finished design:
Veronica Seta is an award-winning cake artist and pastry chef from Naples, Italy. She creates luxury custom cake art and also dedicates her time to teaching the art of sugar craft. She is known for her stunningly realistic sugar flowers and impeccable design details.

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