Avant-Garde Extra

Our March/April Avant-Garde fashion issue was full of SO MANY AMAZING cakes (seriously…. have you seen this Showcase?), but incredibly, there are even more that didn’t make it in before the deadline.

So consider this a magazine extra. Another dose of cutting-edge cakes in case you didn’t get your fill the first time around. Thank you to all of the talented sugar artists who shared their work for this issue!

Baked 4 U

“Lady Butterfly is completely free hand airbrushed onto a sheet of fondant. I then added edible silver leaf, wafer paper butterflies and a second fondant fur shoulder wrap. I had so much fun creating her.”

Amanda Wojak Macer_HPS_5559


Sweet Creations Cakes

“When I had been asked to join this amazing collaboration, I immediately thought about the most famous woman who made a lasting impact on Egypt, and continues to influence fashion. The Avant-Garde always prevent stagnation in art by pushing the boundaries. I think Cleopatra was Avant-Garde during her time with her headdresses, jewelry and dresses.”


“Elizabeth Taylor’s role in 1963 was my inspiration first. Her dress features the wide shoulder straps that were an element of many ancient Egyptian gowns for women. The wig features gold ornaments attached to the ends of the hair in a style that’s timeless and sexy. The strong brows and thick eyeliner extending beyond the corners of the eye are characteristic of makeup for women. The Egyptian-style jewelry that completed the costume include a gold armband that embraces the queen’s upper arm and gold earrings. The bust is a carved cake and the face is sculpted with modelling chocolate. It was my first experience sculpting a face and I was very happy to be a part of this collaboration.”


JT Cakes

“Creating cakes is my passion. I was introduced to cake decorating by my father. I started decorating simple cakes when I was just 17 years old. When I was 21 I attended a sugar flower course and after that I used to do some sugar flower decorations on wedding cakes my dad used to bake and cover. In 2004, when I was 25 my father suddenly passed away. I abandoned the cake world for almost 7 years. I started again 4 years ago from scratch. My speciality is gravity-defying cakes and painting on cakes.”

Jonathan Theuma JT Cakes Avant Garde_HPS_5559


Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

“I started caking in 2011. I have only taken 1 class and I learn as I go. I am crafty and resourceful so that helps. I love to try new things and enjoy growing in all areas cakey. I am a hobby baker who enjoys it for enjoying it. I made my piece with edible gelatin and edible gold.”

Anna Garcia_HPS_5559

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