Artist Spotlight: Cakes With Character

This month American Cake Decorating magazine has gone “Circus” crazy. Our latest issue showcases incredible Cirque du Soleil inspired cakes. Jean Schapowel of Cakes with Character shares her “Beatles Love” Cirque des Gateux collaboration cake and answers five quick fire questions.

beatles as Smart Object-1
Hi Jean, Thanks for sharing this incredible cake with us, what was the inspiration behind your cake?
The show that was my inspiration was Cirque de Soliel “Beatles Love”.  I’ve only seen one of their performances and this was always one that I had longed to see, plus I am a big Beatles fan!!
What products and tools did you use to create the cake?
I used homemade marshmallow fondant, Satin ice and and modeling chocolate to create my piece.  A bit of airbrushing and dusting to achieve the board colors and accents on the jacket. I also used the Innovative Sugar Works sugar shapers on my piece and the marvelous molds gem set for the buttons.  Everything else was handmade, hand-drawn and painted.
What was your experience in the collaboration and what advice would you give to others who wish to participate in a collaboration?
I had a wonderful time with the collaboration as I have always had when participating in one.  I became active in various Facebook cake groups and would offer support by commenting on people’s work and posting my work to make myself known.  I think this was the way I was initially asked to participate in a collaboration.
I think if someone sees your work and gets to know you they will keep you in mind for future projects.  I also think that being active and engaged in the cake community with projects is a big plus!
What was your strategy in creating this cake ? How did you incorporate your inspiration?
I really had no strategy in creating this piece.  The only think I had planned out was the middle tier, the drum.  I definitely wanted to do the logo.  Sometimes I think I work better when there are no constraints and I just create as I go along.  I had looked up the production and the main thing that stood out was the colors and the marching band leader, particularly his big hat. So I just played around and got to work.
I did plan the structure of course, there is definitely some planning in creating pieces with structures.  You need to make sure you have the proper support.  When I was making the hat I had to remake it because it was heavier than I expected and I didn’t think it would hold once I attached it.
beatles 3
Thanks Jean for sharing your incredible cake with us and the inspiration behind the design. For more Cirque du Soleil inspired cakes, pick up a copy of our latest issue! Out now!

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