ACD+ Jamila’s Blossom Tutorial

Jamila Jankipersadsing of Pure Cakes by Mila shares a sweet little tutorial for sugar-blossoms. To see more incredible images of Mila’s cake, make sure to pick up a copy of our May/June Floral Couture issue, OUT NOW!


  • Gumpaste
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Edible glue
  • Umbrella tool
  • PME veiner tool
  • Bone tool
  • 26- gauge wire
  • Fine scissors
  • Stamens
  • Tweezers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Foam pad


Take some gum paste and form a tiny ball. If it’s sticky knead it with some vegetable shortening.

The size depends on how big you want the blossom to be.

Jamila Notes: I use approximately the size of a pea.

Form the ball into a cone shape.

Make an insertion with the umbrella tool in the cone, so it’s marked in 5 parts

Cut each mark with a fine scissor, so you have the beginning of the 5 petals

Bend each part behind, so all parts form a flower

Holding the flower in one hand, and with the finger of your other hand, shape each part in a petal shape and flatten it, so it gets thinner and larger.

Vein each petal with the PME mini veining tool. The best to do this is hold the blossom in one hand, and let the petal rest on your fingertip and with the veiner tool in the other hand, rotate the veiner tool.

Soften the edges with the bone tool.

Divide a 26-gauge wire into 3. Take one piece and bend one side of the wire in a hook. Apply some edible glue on the wire and Insert it from above into the blossom. Pinch the base of the blossom against the wire.

With the other side of the umbrella tool, make a small indent to create the center of the blossom. Add two stamens in the center.

Let the blossom dry, and dust it in any color you desire. There are different ways you can color them, use petal dust to get a real look. Or you can go for an ancient, artistic look like I did in this spray. To achieve this look, just dilute some dust in alcohol/ vodka and paint the blossoms

Pure Cakes by Mila:

Mila is a cake decorator since 2013 and based in The Netherlands. She took several cake decorating courses, like the Wilton course, and the PME Master course. She attended classes from some well-known artists like Nadia Flecha Guazo, Nili Limor, and Alan Dunn. Her style is simple, but sophisticated, with an accent on details, specialized in sugar flowers and modeling work. 
In June 2016 she placed second in the Category Cake with Sugar flowers, at The Holland Sugar Art show.

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