ACD+ Interview with Poppy Pickering

Dominique Pickering, AKA Poppy Pickering Cakes created a beautiful marbled cake with David Austin Roses for our stunning Modern Bride Showcase. We share some of the incredible detail shots of Dominique’s cake and interview her with our 10 Quick Fire Questions!

How would you describe your style?
I feel like I am finally beginning to gain my own style. I love clean, modern floral cakes in soft color hues however my most favorite cakes are all white-on-white. I still feel like I have lots to learn and I want to experiment with different techniques, but its often difficult to find the time.
How has your business evolved? You now teach classes- can you tell us a little about that?
Each year I set myself new goals with the business. I am really enjoying the teaching side of Poppy Pickering as I love to meet new people and see the pleasure they get from creating a new technique or design that they never thought they would be able to achieve. I have lots of aspirations, however whilst I still have young children I have to be careful to gain a home/work/life balance.
What types of cakes do you most love to make?
My most favorite cakes to make are all white-on-white floral cakes, however I do like the trend for more contemporary modern marble cakes. I want to spend some time on improving my sugar flowers further so I can expand my skill set and also look towards more fashion/home furnishings to create some exciting new looks.
Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration for designs through lots of different mediums. I think that my previous career as a Bed-linen Design Manager/Designer helps as I look at fashion, furnishings and paint colors for inspiration. One of my recent cake designs was inspired by a table setting color scheme! I love looking at wedding dresses and also brides bouquets for textures and colors.
What training/education have you received (if any)?
I undertook an evening sugar-craft class at a local night school for a year before I opened the shop and I also did a few short classes down in London. More of my training has been since I opened the business as I perfected my skills and taught myself using online tutorials.
Do you have any formal arts training- painting/sculpture/ design etc?
I worked in my previous career for 13 years as a textile designer. I also undertook a degree in Textile Design so I love being creative again after having my family and instead of designing floral bed linen designs, I can create beautiful floral wedding cakes.
What is it like owning a store front?
I love sharing the shop with my father as we work well as a team. It is hard work though and there is a constant pressure, but customers love looking at our windows and we often stop traffic (literally) with our window displays.
How many cakes do you make each week?
The amount of cakes made varies each week depending on their complexity and the time of the year. As I personally bake, create and decorate all the cakes each week there is a limit to how much I can physically do therefore I tend to get booked up very quickly.
What is the best part of your job?
Being creative and getting the chance to create individual wedding cake designs for lots of
wonderful couples.
What are your business goals?
To continue to enjoy what and I do and just be healthy and happy. I would love to write a book one day, as I think that would make my family incredibly proud.









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