Red, White, and Blue Sugar Sheet Cake by Leeanne Cooper

If you need to decorate a cake tier in a hurry, and you want a wow factor, try the sugar sheet technique. There are different methods to achieve this look, but for cake decorating in a hurry before family and friends arrive, this technique will have your cake dressed for Fourth of July celebrations in just 15 minutes prep and 3 hours setting time (giving you time to split, fill, and frost your cake).




¾ cup table (granulated) sugar per color
1 tbsp liquid glucose per color
Gel colors: blue and red (Rainbow Dust Colours)
Edible paint: super white (Magic Colours)



Silicone mat
Baking parchment
Rolling pin
Cake smoother
Pizza cutter/cutting wheel
Tupperware, sterile jars, or ziplock bags


  1. Measure ¾ cup sugar into each lidded Tupperware, jar, or ziplock bag.
  2. Add your color gel, then close whatever container you have chosen, and carefully shake and watch your sugar change color. For the white, no color needs to be added.

  1. Add 1 tbsp liquid glucose to each color and stir to mix, kneading with your hands, if necessary, to combine.
  2. Spread in stripes or your desired pattern on your silicone mat.

  1. Cover with a sheet of baking parchment and gently roll the sugar with your rolling pin—don’t go too thin and keep an even pressure.

  1. Smooth with a cake smoother or flat palms and leave to firm for at least 3 hours.

  1. Using a pizza cutter or cutting wheel, trim edges so that you have a flat base to sit flush with the cake.

  1. Paint edges with white paint or metallics if you prefer.
  1. Lift and attach the sugar sheet to your buttercream cake. And if edges break in any way? Embrace it! Simply paint the newly formed edges with more white paint. The more rustic this looks, the prettier it is, which is why we LOVE sugar sheet.

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