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Icing Images introduces Premium Wafer Paper!

This is not your Momma's Wafer Paper

With flavor and color, this new Wafer Paper is the only Wafer Paper that is good enough to carry the Icing Images name!

· Thin enough to be manipulated without cracking
· Slight Vanilla Flavor
· Precolored for edible paper art
· White for printing
· Perfect for the Sweet Accents
· Easy to manipulate and holds its shape on humid areas
· Great for airbrushing

Bringing a new flavor to edible paper art, Premium Wafer Paper works great in places that the Icing Sheet cannot.

What is the difference between a wafer paper and an icing sheet?
An Icing Sheet is a sugar-based sheet that is ideal for printing on and laying on a cake or wrapping a cake in a patterned image. More palatable then wafer paper.

Wafer paper, also known as potato paper or rice paper is made from potato and is something you would want to accent a cake in. Wafer paper does not replace the icing sheet, it is just used where the icing sheet is less reliable. Wafer paper can hold its shape and stand upright without being doubled. It is more reliable than an icing sheet in extreme humid and dry conditions.

Wafer paper is not a solid color and may have some color and texture variations. This is the nature for all wafer paper.



“I’m excited the day is finally here! The launch of Icing Images Premium Wafer Paper! Now other artists can experience how quick and easy it is to use wafer paper to make flowers. You can literally pull together a beautiful flower in 15 minutes! No waiting for gumpaste to dry and you can even eliminate wires when doing simple flowers. Let's face it; in this business time is money. Products that help you create quickly while still maintaining quality and beauty are time savers.”
– Michele Hopps, Epicurean Delights,
Instructor and Owner.
Icing Images' Premium Wafer Paper™ is different than what is currently available on the market. It is thinner, which is fabulous for many applications and for workability. The flavor and scent are a great addition to this medium.”
– Kara Andretta, Kara's Couture Cakes


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