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The Icing on the Cake

Testors® Aztek® A4709T Airbrush Set

For performance that is sure to please, nothing but Aztek’s premium airbrush design will do. The A470 has the capability to be single or double-action, enabling you to control the airflow and color volume simultaneously. This easy-to-master, easy-to-clean airbrush is lightweight, durable and ergonomically designed to fit either hand. It features color cups that adjust for left or right hand usage, which can be rotated at different angles and topped with lids to prevent spills.

Testors patented quick-change nozzles enable effortless color changes and a broad range of spray patterns, providing for pinpoint accuracy and precision control. Add gradients, create illusions of shadows & highlights and achieve color depth & intensity with confidence. See a video demonstration of the A470 in use.

Bring your baked goods to life with Testors, by making them look as exquisite as they taste.

Testors Aztek airbrushes and compressors are available nationwide at all Michaels Stores.

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Vernon Hills, IL 60061
877-385-8155 Monday - Friday
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