Easter Coloring Book Cake Collaboration

When I was asked earlier this month by Cassandra Rice of Elaborate Cakes if ACD would be interested in promoting the results of an Easter cake collaboration, I jumped at the chance…I love seeing how different artists interpret a theme! Then, when she told me that the concept would be based on coloring books, I was really intrigued to see how a flat, typically simplistic medium could be transformed. And I was not disappointed. Following are just a few of the cakes from this just released collaboration. For more, go to the Easter Coloring Book Cake Collaboration website or Facebook page. Thanks again Cassandra, for the heads up!

Please keep in mind these are only some of the cakes from this holiday collaboration, so be sure to click the links above to see everyone’s designs.

Amanda Wojak Macer of Baked 4 U Cakes created an artist’s sketch book and then crafted a full model of the illustration.

Valentina Terzieva of Valentina’s Sugarland captured the childlike, “stay inside the lines” approach I remember from my coloring days.

The graphic cheerfulness of this cake by Jeana Millan of Limited Edition Cakes gets an extra boost from the sweet bunny.

This cake by Mayra Prada Estrada of Cake Creations by ME takes that graphic approach and turns it into something wonderfully 3D!

While the previous three designs use elementary school color books as their inspiration, this illustrations on this cake seems very much like something a pre-teen might be doodling during a boring class. The “tall chick” on the top of the cake just seems to reinforce that idea to me…a young girl who is suddenly all legs…Cake by Amber Adamson and Becky Morrison of Slice.

This is design is in the same vein but has a bit of an 1970’s pop vibe to it I think. By Rachel Jones of A Taste Of Wonderland.

Rebekah Naomi Wilbur of Rebekah Naomi Cake Design took a more illustrative approach. I love those almost Andy Warhol-esque flowers! And even better she shared a tutorial on how she created her wafer paper Easter bonnet. Download it here!

There’s a bit a a folk-art feel to the illustrations and flowers by Veronique de Groot of Very Unique Cakes, but it’s the very clever-looking rabbit that captures my attention! And, Veronique graciously provided a how-to for this!

A very different mood and approach than the other designs in the collaboration, these cookies from Floral Cakes by Jessica MV would be perfect for an sophisticated Easter brunch.

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