Recipe: Cherry Bomb Cupcakes

Hello chocolate, hello cake, you’re my ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, Cherry BOMB! This chocolate and cherry cupcake hits the spot, with a light and fluffy chocolate cupcake, cherry-jello frosting, chocolate drizzle and a maraschino cherry topper!

Recipe: Speckled Egg Cake

When March hits, I head to the store to stock up on my favorite Easter candy, and my absolute FAVORITE are cadburys mini eggs. There’s just something so satisfying about crunching through that crisp, colorful candy-shell and then savoring the chocolate as it blissfully melts. Without serious restraint, I could go through bags and bags…
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Golden Tier Awards: Nominations Are Open

American Cake Decorating and Lisa Mansour are honored to present the inaugural Golden Tier Awards. It’s easy to enter, simply complete the nomination form with your selected nominees and click submit! Nominations open on March 1, 2017, and close on March 30, 2017. For information on how to enter, read our submission guidelines below!

Recipe: Loaded Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is just one of those recipe’s that people really love. It’s a moist, dense, rich, spicy cake. When it comes to carrot cake, I’m a traditionalist and a firm believer that you just don’t mess with perfection. This recipe is, in my humble opinion, is one of the most moist, carrot-loaded, nut-tastic, cream-cheese frosting…
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White Rabbit Tutorial

Easter is just around the corner and that means It’s w’abbit season! As we all go gaga for baby bunnies, Veronique de Groot of Very Unique Cakes shares a wonderful, step-by-step tutorial to create this very majestic white rabbit cake topper. This show-stopping cake would make the perfect centerpiece to your Easter table this year.