ACD+ Off With Her Head Installation

This year the SOFLO Cake and Candy Expo played host to something extraordinary, among the incredible cake displays, mermaid-themed competition pieces, and dessert vendors was “Off With Her Head”: an impressive edible installation created by a 10-strong team of sugar artists. The American Cake Decorating magazine hosted a Marie Antoinette installation—sponsored by Satin Ice, Icing…
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ACD+ Laura Dodimead’s Stenciling Tutorial

In our Modeling Marvels issue, Award-winning sugar artist, Laura Dodimead shows our readers how to create a gorgeous Arabian Dancer figurine cake topper. We share her equally gorgeous tutorial for creating an exotic stenciling effect. To learn about Laura, visit her website Life in Sugar.

ACD+ Basil Italian Meringue Buttercream

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, what can your business bring to the table that will put you above the competition? How about offering bold, premium flavor choices that will wow your clients? Melissa Gray of Cakes by Gray shares her show-stopping recipe for basil Italian meringue buttercream; paired with a delicious strawberry…
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ACD+ Highlight’s from Derek’s Lambeth Series

As Derek Aimonetto’s Lambeth series draws to a close, we share Derek’s trusted royal icing recipe, and a couple of the wonderful borders taught in this much loved series. Delve into Lambeth’s borders with “Border’s and Beyond”.

ACD+ Kerries Basic Buttercream Recipe

ACD has a new resident buttercream expert. Kerrie Wyer of Viva La Buttercream will be joining our team with her amazing column: The Art of Buttercream. Kerrie Shares her mouth-watering recipe for ultra smooth and silky buttercream; I’m not sure if we agree with Kerrie- there’s definitely nothing “Basic” about this buttercream.