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FREE Premium Tutorials from Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

We’ve partnered with the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School to bring our V.I.C. “Very Important Cakers” club members some exclusive new benefits. All V.I.C members will receive 4 FREE premium tutorials from the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School, one premium tutorial each quarter. This fantastic V.I.C. club benefit is worth a staggering $80! To get access to this incredible offer, you must be a current V.I.C. member!

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Candy Clay Recipe

This week I’ve been making pounds and pounds of candy clay – this chocolaty, sculpting-medium is made from candy wafers and corn syrup. It is pliable and easy to work with, quick to make and perfect for creating models, toppers, figurines, sculpted details and more.

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The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake

There’s just something special about the sweet simplicity of a vanilla cupcake. Soft, light, airy and aromatic, it’s no wonder that the humble vanilla cupcake reigns supreme! This recipe yields the most delicious vanilla cupcake’s I’ve ever tried!

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