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ACD+ Arabian Nights

Airbrushing the cakes

1: Pour 3 tablespoons of vodka in to 4 bowls and color each bowl with the 4 different Rolkem colors and mix with a paintbrush to ensure the dust is dissolved.

2: Begin with the lightest color, peach, and fill the airbrush cup half way. Place the cake onto a turntable Stand 6” away from the surface of the 4” cake and begin to spray from the top of the cake to the center, continually spinning the turntable to get an even coverage.

3: Rinse out the airbrush fully then fill with the cerise colored liquid, spray from the center of the 4” cake to the base.

4: Carefully place the 4 “cake to one side and sit the 6” cake on to the turntable and continue to spray from the top down to the center of the cake.

5: Rinse the airbrush cup out and fill it with the violet colored liquid and begin to spray from the center of the cake down to the base.

Laura notes: Spray a couple of extra layers of the violet color at the base to give it a stronger tone.

6: Use the violet to airbrush the drum so it is a solid color.

7: Finally fill the airbrush cup with the rose colored liquid and spray the entire column.


Stenciling the Cake

1: Take a paisley patterned stencil design and wrap around the 4″ cake so that the pattern sits centrally, secure with a sterilized pin.

2: Fill the cleaned airbrush with black airbrush color and begin to spray on to the stencil lightly to give a more gray hue to the overall color.

Laura notes: Make sure you are parallel to the surface at all times to avoid the stencil color bleeding.

4: Repeat the process with the 6” cake but this time layer the color more times so that the coverage is a strong black, if the stencil doesn’t go all the way around the cake, re-wrap the stencil and spray to cover the cake all the way around.


Hanging gold shapes

1: roll out some white sugar florist paste

2: use a 7mm & 10mm circle cutter and a small 13mm teardrop cutter to cut out lots of shapes

3: lay them out vertically from smallest circle to teardrop and thread some gold cotton from the bottom centre of the teardrop to the top centre of the smallest circle

4: leave extra thread free at the top them repeat with all the other shapes

5: mix some gold food colour dust with vodka to make a paint and paint the front, back and sides and allow to dry

6: tie a double not just above the smallest circle and trim off the ends

7: attach each droplet with a sterilised pin in to the drum of the 4” cake just to span across the front

Finishing touches

1: twist in a wooden skewer in to the hairs pony tail

2: push gently into the top of the back of the head and wrap a thick strip of gold modelling paste around the base to secure it

3: dampen the edge of the drum with a little water

4: lay pieces of gold leaf over the water and smooth the back of the transfer sheet with a brush to secure

5: repeat this process with the edge of both tiers

6: push your figure into the centre of the top tier ensuring the wooden dowl goes right though the cake

7: dust a little rose dust onto the cheeks of the figure

8: glue the small gold sugar discs around the bottom edge of the column, the top edge of the top tier and the bottom edge of the bottom tier

9: wrap a gold ribbon around the drum and secure at the back with a pin








Cutesy Clown Topper

Talented sugar-art teacher, Monique Ascanelli is back with another adorable cake topper tutorial; this time for a cute clown! This fun cake topper would be perfect for a child’s birthday, and is gender neutral, offering a lot of versatility. To learn more about Monique, visit her website at:

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ACD+ Off With Her Head Installation

This year the SOFLO Cake and Candy Expo played host to something extraordinary, among the incredible cake displays, mermaid-themed competition pieces, and dessert vendors was
“Off With Her Head”: an impressive edible installation created by a 10-strong team of sugar artists. The American Cake Decorating magazine hosted a Marie Antoinette installation—sponsored by Satin Ice, Icing Images, and Cake Play —which featured an array of Parisian-inspired dessert displays, cookies, sugar shoes, wafer-paper flowers, and the pièce de résistance: a towering “headless” Marie, covered in ruffles, pastries, and desserts.

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ACD+ Basil Italian Meringue Buttercream

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, what can your business bring to the table that will put you above the competition? How about offering bold, premium flavor choices that will wow your clients? Melissa Gray of Cakes by Gray shares her show-stopping recipe for basil Italian meringue buttercream; paired with a delicious strawberry cake, this recipe is perfect for upcoming summer weddings. “This buttercream is really popular with my brides who are looking for something different for their special day,” notes Melissa. “The peppery notes in the basil really complement the sweetness of the strawberries.”

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ACD+ Highlight’s from Derek’s Lambeth Series

As Derek Aimonetto’s Lambeth series draws to a close, we share Derek’s trusted royal icing recipe, and a couple of the wonderful borders taught in this much loved series. Delve into Lambeth’s borders with “Border’s and Beyond”.

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