Valentine Teddy Cake Topper Tutorial

Get into the Valentine spirit with this adorable cake topper from Dina Nakad of Miettes. Follow these easy steps and create a gorgeous little Teddy bear, heart cake topper- perfect for all your Valentine cakes.

Love is Sweet: Tutorial

February is the month for love and romance; and heart adorned cakes are the order of the day. Get into the Valentine’s spirit and learn to make this fabulous Teddy bear and butterfly, ombre heart cake design, with this simple step by step tutorial, by Saloni Salvi of Iced and Frosted.

Does your cake have a HOTBOD?

Do you have a HOT BOD? I have competed in 5 competitions so far, for some this is minuscule. My first in person competition, was That Takes the Cake in Austin. An incredible show if you were thinking to attend. Anyway, my piece was based on an 18th century Hummel figure, a girl in a tree…
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The Comeback Caker: Collaboration Station

Everyone loves seeing the collaborations, and the number ONE question I am always asked is, “How do I get in on this?”. Getting in on the action is JUST the beginning, there’s a whole host of information, deadlines, rules and regulations that must be followed to make a collaboration the big success everyone hopes it…
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Is Imitation, Flattery?

The 45th President of The United States was Inaugurated this weekend, and like any party, there was a spectacular cake.  This particular cake garnered a LOT of attention, due to its similarities to the last inaugural cake design created for former President Obama. While this made an interesting sound bite, and all parties are apparently cool…
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Whipped Buttercream Frosting

I adapted this recipe from a recipe I found on a few years ago. A client asked me for a homemade whipped-buttercream style frosting that had a great buttery taste, but was light as a feather and not too sweet. This fluffy, whipped buttercream is the perfect topping for vanilla bean cupcakes!

Overcoming the Fear of Competition

With Cake Shows blooming across the world, the interest of competing becomes more and more frightening for most. This fear among those in the community is the downfall of many cake shows globally. Without a thriving competition, most shows can’t bear the expenses of hosting. This is not a guilt trip, I promise. So this brings…
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Christmas Doll Cake Topper Tutorial

Christmas is just a few weeks away and bakers across the country are fit to burst with delicious seasonal pastries, cakes and desserts. Add a little Christmas sparkle to your holiday cake with this wonderful Christmas Caroler Figurine. Award winning cake artist, Veronica Seta shares the steps to create this wonderful Christmas doll cake topper; with…
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