Getting Published: A Complete Guide

For many a cake artist, getting their work published is a life goal. There’s really no greater feeling than flipping through the pages of a glossy magazine and seeing your work in print. Somehow it feels like you’ve finally made it, that all of your years of hard work and dedication have paid off. Whether…
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The BEST Thanksgiving Cakes ever!

Thanksgiving is  less than three weeks away, can you believe it? We’ve assembled our favorite easy dessert ideas to make hosting your holiday party- a snap! You can thank us later 😉

Chocolate Orange Cake

Inspired by the classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange, our Editor, Rebekah creates a delectable chocolate-orange layer cake; with a Cointreau-infused chocolate ganache frosting and a rich chocolate-fudge cake with fresh orange zest.

Tutorial: Flexible Frills

Fashion inspirations are everywhere. Fabrics, textures and textiles offer a world of design inspiration, with cake designers translating the latest runway fashions into incredible edibles. Jeanette Bozic of Tiered Indulgence took inspiration from a frilly summer dress to create this easy-to-follow tutorial, combining Flexique and wafer paper with stunning results.

Tutorial: Flaming Fire Rose

The fire rose is a stunning hybrid rose with a two-toned, red and yellow appearance. Heather Jurisch demonstrates how to create this gorgeous open rose and achieve the fiery, dual-colored effect. 

Tutorial: Tiger’s Eye Sugar Gems

Combining the latest craze for marbled fondant and gorgeous gemstone details, Emily Calvo of Delicut Cakes demonstrates the steps to create a lustrous, and realistic isomalt Tiger’s Eye. This detailed, step-by-step tutorial could be adapted to create an array of different gemstones. Emily notes, “Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection that is also very…
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Tutorial: Buttercream Chrysanthemum, Zinnia, and Dahlia

Buttercream flowers are timeless; these delicate, edible accents are the perfect adornment to just about any cake, cupcake, or cookie, and are suitable for any occasion. Learn to pipe three sensational buttercream flower designs with this detailed step-by-step tutorial created exclusively by Deepa Pathmanathan of Sweet Sprinkles, the cake boutique. Deepa explains, “These buttercream flowers…
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Gorgeously Gothic: The best dramatic wedding cakes

October brides, especially those who wed around Halloween are often looking for something a little more, edgy, alternative, and dramatic for their big day. These gorgeously Gothic cakes offer something a little different whilst still dripping with elegance.

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