Are you a Blogger? Here’s How to Submit a Guest Post

We often receive emails from budding writers and bloggers interested in contributing to our cake decorating blog. So I decided it might be a great idea to write a blog post about how to do just that. I’ve crafted some information and guidelines to help you to submit your content for publication in our blog!

Recipe: Loaded Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is just one of those recipe’s that people really love. It’s a moist, dense, rich, spicy cake. When it comes to carrot cake, I’m a traditionalist and a firm believer that you just don’t mess with perfection. This recipe is, in my humble opinion, is one of the most moist, carrot-loaded, nut-tastic, cream-cheese frosting…
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10 Adorable Unicorn Cakes

You may have noticed something magical happening in cake lately.. Unicorns! Unicorn cakes, cookies, cake pops you name it! Its such a fun trend, and there are so many fun designs out there! We couldn’t resist sharing some of our favourite Unicorn cakes with you!

Watercolor Heart Cake Tutorial

Award winning cake artist, Claudia Oliveira, of Claud Art Sugar, created a sensational step-by-step tutorial of a romantic, watercolor-heart cake. Claudia notes, “The techniques are very versatile, I chose watercolor because it is such a huge trend right now, especially in the cake community, this would make a for a beautiful wedding cake, engagement cake, or…
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The Drive to Compete by Pamela Heun

The Oklahoma Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) is undoubtedly one of the most hotly anticipated and highly regarded shows in the United States; this sugar-art extravaganza drives cake designers from all over the country to spend hours, sometimes many hundreds of hours painstakingly crafting magnificent works of cake-art in the hopes of clinching the coveted grand…
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