ACD+ Kara’s Gourmet Blueberry Fondant Recipe

Kara Andretta of Karas Couture Cakes brings us, Gourmet Fondant. These decadent fondant recipe’s, packed with natural ingredients, will be sure to take your cakes to the next level. With signature recipes for Vanilla Bourbon, Mocha Latte, Spicy Mayan Milk Chocolate, Tropical Mango and more. Please follow and like us:

ACD+ Showcase Extras: Adelina Baicu

Adelina Baicu created this incredible cake for our Modeling Marvels issue, see some gorgeous, detailed shots of her incredible design. Please follow and like us:

ACD+ Enchanted Emeralds Birthstone Feature

This month, American Cake Decorating magazine showcases the monthly birthstones of Emerald and Pearl in our Beautiful Birthstones Collaboration feature. We share some stunning close-ups of Alex Narramore’s haunting design. Please follow and like us:

ACD+ Kara’s Pistachio Buttercream

In the ‘Cakeologist’ this month, Kara Andretta experiments with flavor; utilizing Amoretti Artisan Flavor Compounds to bring you unique, out-of-the-box flavor pairings. Kara shares her recipe for a pistachio Swiss meringue buttercream. Please follow and like us:

ACD+ James Rosselle Project Luxe Leaves & Fancy Flourishes

Carie McGhie shows that simple tools can have multiple uses in our James Rosselle Project special feature. Re-purposing a simple poppy cutter from the James Rosselle product range, Carie creates a range of unique appliques for her stunning cake. Please follow and like us:

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