ACD+ Enchanted Emeralds Birthstone Feature

This month, American Cake Decorating magazine showcases the monthly birthstones of Emerald and Pearl in our Beautiful Birthstones Collaboration feature. We share some stunning close-ups of Alex Narramore’s haunting design.

ACD+ Kara’s Pistachio Buttercream

In the ‘Cakeologist’ this month, Kara Andretta experiments with flavor; utilizing Amoretti Artisan Flavor Compounds to bring you unique, out-of-the-box flavor pairings. Kara shares her recipe for a pistachio Swiss meringue buttercream.

ACD+ James Rosselle Project Luxe Leaves & Fancy Flourishes

Carie McGhie shows that simple tools can have multiple uses in our James Rosselle Project special feature. Re-purposing a simple poppy cutter from the James Rosselle product range, Carie creates a range of unique appliques for her stunning cake.

ACD+ James Rosselle Project: The Right of Spring

Award winning sugar artist, Eliana Morales, shows us some unique ways to make floral applications with a simple cutter set from the James Rosselle Product line.

ACD+ James Rosselle Project: Rustic Romance

Jennifer Riley re-imagines the simple parrot tulip cutter in her Rustic Romance cake design. Re-purposing this simple tool to create unimaginable effects. Learn how to create her signature decorations in the step-by-step tutorial.