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American Cake Decorating magazine has been a key resource to the cake decorating community since 1995. Recognizing that cake decorating and sugar arts continue to grow as a profession and passion, ACD brings fresh, evolving ideas and inspiration to its readers. The ACD team works diligently to keep the magazine and its website a leading education and training resource.

Each issue includes several tutorials, reviews of cake shows and contests across the country, fresh ideas, new products and business information for the professional.

Since its launch, ACD has featured some of the most influential sugar artists of the time, including: Ann Amernick, Julie Bashore, Ron Ben-Israel, Jin Caldwell, Lin Cook, Norman Davis, Cheri Elder, Margaret Ford, Toba Garrett, Nicholas Lodge, Bronwen Mills, Earlene Moore, Cecilia Morana, Ewald Notter, Susan Notter, Susan O'Boyle-Jacobson, Colette Peters, Jacquy Pfeiffer, Geraldine Randlesome, Anil Rohira, Shirley Ryan Rose, B. Keith Ryder, Steven Stellingwerf, Elisa Strauss, Stephane Tréand, Pat Trunkfield, Buddy Valastro, Betty Van Norstrand, Kerry Vincent, Bronwen Weber, Roland Winbeckler and Franz Ziegler.

The purpose of the magazine has always been to bring new ideas, techniques and skills to its readers through the use of step-by-step tutorials, themed showcases, new product information and more. As an industry that thrives on sharing, ACD inspires creativity by giving all its readers access to top-level talents from around the world.


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