2016 Trend: Woodland Charm by Jeanne Winslow

Another trend featured in our Jan/Feb 2016 Trend issue is Woodland Charm in a design by Jeanne Winslow.jeannewinslow_headshotInterpreting a range of natural textures—stone, bark, grasses, blossoms and buds, as well as the effect of filtered light through the trees—is fondant and gumpaste was an interesting challenge.  “I envisioned a walk through the woods on a spring day ,with grand oak trees, pretty dogwood branches weighted with blossoms, lush greens, stone pathways and dappled light  through the trees,” said Jeanne.

“Every pebble, made from modeling chocolate and fondant, is unique and beautifully flawed. I contrasted the stone and wood textures against a vivid green, while the gumpaste dogwood blossoms accent the cake and tie all the elements together.” Photos by Mike Conway Photography.
Trend_JF16_Jeanne_FullCake Trend_JF16_Jeanne_Dogwood  Trend_JF16_Jeanne_StoneTier

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